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Life Changing Experience…

I will start by saying I tend toward the more hesitant and skeptical side of both acupuncture and chiropractic. When a severe allergic reaction to seasonal allergies had me desperate to try something different than the 10+ years of conventional medicine, I opened my mind to acupuncture.

Working with Carter Hsiao has been one of the most transformational experiences ever. Not only are my allergies gone, as in GONE, as in I feel like an entirely new person who never knew the struggle of allergic suffering; but my energy + vitality + emotional congruence have all been improved significantly! The entire process was extremely professional, educational, and empowering. Can not recommend enough!

Then I began seeing Dr Bo Gregson for chiropractic which I was very nervous about. Bo could not have been more accommodating or respectful of my many requests, hesitations, and unique challenges. Not only is my posture and flexibility vastly improved, but I am again, taught how to manage health for myself.

The whole staff is friendly and helpful always! Lonsdale wellness studio is doing something really progressive and amazing in health care. Thank you!!

Acupuncture North Vancouver