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Jennifer Quehl RMT
Jennifer (Jen) Quehl

Jennifer (Jen) Quehl

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Jennifer has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2005 specializing in sport massage and is also an ART provider. Jen uses a variety of techniques in her practice and is known for her deep tissue massage approach. During her career she has worked with various athletes including members of the NHL, Canadian National women/men’s rugby teams, professional/world champion rock climbers, power lifters, BMX/Downhill/Cross Country Mountain bikers, triathletes, downhill skiers and many more. Jennifer has also worked extensively with those living with neurological conditions, pre/post-natal, acute/chronic injuries, pre/post-surgery and terminally ill patients. Jennifer is also a personal trainer, conditioning coach, functional movement specialist and nutrition coach.

 Jennifer brings something unique to her practice, as a former police officer of 15 years she has first-hand experience and deep understanding as to what shift work, critical instances and other field stresses bring to the body and mind.

 Alongside Jen, you will find her little teammate Ellie Bean. Ellie is an Emotional Support Animal and takes a lot of pride showing off her work vest when she’s not curled up sleeping in her clinic bed. Ellie is a sweet soul who is there for anyone who needs a little extra support.

 Outside of Jennifer’s professions, she loves being active, outdoors and traveling the world. Living in Squamish, BC Jen juggles her hobbies including mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, SCUBA diving, surfing, mountaineering, triathlon, powerlifting, CrossFit, paddle boarding, improv comedy and playing the piano badly. Jen also dedicates her time to the Squamish Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue.



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